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Safidia is a tourism portal that aims to provide a unique and enjoyable African experience to travelers from all over the world. We achieve that by carefully curating our partners and making sure that those who advertise on our portal deliver that sought experience. We also work with tour agencies, hotels and other tourism partners to create unique packages.

While we are currently only based in Rwanda, we are soon expanding to other African languages so that you have a better choice for your travels.

About Rwanda

Rwanda will sadly be known to many first timers as that country with images of the horrific genocide that brutalised this country in 1994. However, since those dark days a miraculous transformation has been wrought and today the country is one of tribal unity, political stability and a promising future.

Rwanda is known as the Land of a Thousand Hills. It’s a verdant, green country that boasts spectacular scenery and a seemingly endless amount of mountains. Rwanda tours also offer the opportunity to see mountain gorillas, volcanoes and some of Africa’s best beaches such as Lake Kivu’s.

Rwanda Climate

Rwanda has a tropical highland climate, with temperatures being pleasantly warm most of the year. It has 4 seasons:

March to May is the wet season, so expect frequent rain and thunderstorms during this period but it’s still warm enough to just wear a light jacket.